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Interior design has become a requirement for every small flat to a very big bungalow as it make the house look neat, clean, and organized. Also Interior design make it a comfortable and peaceful place to live with a family. Early morning during cooking if you search for the salt container then think how irritating the day will start. Kid’s homework done last night and morning you see the note book disappearing and husband is behind for each small things like towel to take bath, dresses to wear for the day, socks, shoes, and especially for bike and car keys. Don’t you think this is most horrible day for everyone and if each day starts like this what will be our mind state? Yes, the solution for this is interior designing, a way to organize your living. Interior is now not only a way to organize but also become a status shower and thus the demand of the interior designers are increasing to the moon but the talented people to satisfy the customer requirements are still in earth. To meet this requirement and to show a career path for people having no interest in books, Colors Institute of Interior designing is here with an Interior Designing Course in Chennai.

An aim to reduce the struggle of becoming an engineer or a doctor and spending lakhs and lakhs of money ending up in struggle for a job is the starting of Colors Institute of Interior designing. A person interested in giving a magical touch to the house and kitchen in an artistic way or having a heal lot of creative need to shaped as a career, then the ultimate destination is Colors Institute of Interior Designing which offers you the best Interior Designing Course in Chennai to help you climb the ladder of success in a different direction with all your creativity. There have been a lot of successful flowers blossomed in their career through this course and are earning a double of a software engineer. A minimum qualification of passing you 10 th is enough to take this up as your career and this will change your life up-side down. Detailing of the interior, 3D visualization of your plan, textures, materials, designing types, modular kitchen designing, work shop designing, and lot more as part your interior designing course is waiting for you to learn and become a world class designers.

Colors Institute of Interior designing has been in the industry for almost 10 years now and we have 1000’s of students graduating in the interior designing with a career opportunity to work for top builder. Do you want to be the next one then today register yourself into Interior Designing Course in Chennai.

To become a fashion designer, you should be an artistic and creative personality. Drawing is required to express your ideas about your dress through sketches but you don’t really need to be a great artist. You should be have little bit interest in drawing, paly with colors, tones, and shades, visualization of your design, ability to think in a three-dimensional and with this you get the knowledge on the fabric and textiles with an guide to make you get the design to fabric in the Fashion designing course in Chennai. We make you understand the requirements in the fashion market, guide you through the journals and books which will get you the best fashion sense, visit fashion shows, art galleries, and get you opportunities to present your designs, and make you a world class designer through this best Fashion designing course in Chennai through Colors Institute of Fashion Technology.

Fashion industry is fast paced and more exciting which makes it rare for a dull days in your career, Chance to work with different class of people’s design requirements, opportunity to travel, new curving your learning with each experience, demand the money for your design, even if your salaried the number will be very huge, very minimal formal education is enough, work environment will give you lot of excitement, and thus with these advantage and the interest towards clothing and clothing trends will get you to a great heights. Colors Institute of Fashion Technology with the best Fashion Designing Course in Chennai is here to shape your interest on fabrics and colors to make you get a career path in fashion design industry.


Our Courses

6 Month Fast Track Interior Designing

People interested in starting their own business like a professional Design, or Creative design need to know the basics of Interior designing and to design the own projects according to the trends so that it will be easy for you to manage the people working under you and get the work done with perfect finish. To grab the customers, talk with them, and convince them on a design you need to have a basic understanding about Interior designing. Thus through this 6 month fast track Interior Designing Course in Chennai, you will be able to learn various pattern making and Interior designing in an extensive manner.

Short Term Certificate Course In Interior Design (6 Months)
1 Year Interior Designing

Have creative and unique ideas of making the best outfit but unable to up it into a fabric and just the ideas stay at your mind? Throughout your books if you are not interested in doing a regular degree. IT, Doctor, and teaching is not just the only career options you have. Interior designing is one the most paid career opportunity and come join our 1 year Interior designing course to get an amazing start of career in a unique way.

Diploma In Fashion Design and Technology (1 Year)
2 Years Interior Designing

Interested in designing House, Corporate, Hospitality? Want to organize for Creative Design and Interior shows to showcase your designing talents? And lot more dreams like this is made possible through the 2 year Interior designing course in Chennai. We aim in making a world class Interior designers with this course and we make are students understand the in and out of the Interior designing and the world.

Advanced Diploma Interior Design (2 Years)