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    Complete guide for Fashion Designing
    Fashion designing is all about the clothes and accessories and this is a type of art that is basically influenced by the culture and the society around us. We in our tradition started with wearing a saree moved a step up started wearing a salwar and now in modern days we have moved our trend to short skirts, jeans, and t-shirts. Fashion world is a constantly changing one and people want new attire and new look every day. Fashion designing is one of the most exciting and innovative in the current trend. Apart from the exciting part of this career, the most interesting part of Fashion designing career is high package and fame as well as success will reach you automatically. If you have the capability of playing with colors, shapes, and designs then join our course to reach great heights.

    A start for becoming fashion designer
    There are two types of qualification required to pursue the career in Fashion Designing. One is natural and the other one is acquired.
    1.    Natural – For people you have the natural in-built talent to match colors and design shapes are the people who just need a minimum guidance to build their career in Fashion Design
    2.    Acquired – For people interested in taking Fashion designing course and have no knowledge on fashion designing, then undergo training in our institute and acquire the knowledge to become a world class designer in this fashion world.

    Is this a right career for me?
    As I said in the starting of the blog, if are interested in playing with colors, creating new patterns, design trending, and create new looks and attire for this world then you are in the right career direction. If you have the confidence to walk in the ramp as a Fashion designer then you are walking in the right career direction. With the ability to be creative and visualize the new designs then you are set to walk into the arena as Fashion designer.

    What does it cost for become the best Fashion designer?
    To become the best fashion designer, you need to pay an amount of Rs.45,000 per semester and the admission is open for diploma course from April.

    Pay Packet
    During the initial start of the career, the pay will be around Rs.15,000 to 20,000. With an experience of one to two years, you will be paid around Rs.60,000 to Rs.70,000 which is equivalent to the IT industry pay.

    Qualification Required
    10th is the minimum qualification required. If you have not passed also doesn’t matter, we provide you the required training and placement. So never worry whether you have passed or failed in the 10th, we are here to shape your career in the right direction.

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